Insta Downloader Instructions How does it work?

Free Insta Downloader



  1. Copy the URL of an Instagram image
  2. Paste into the URL box
  3. You will be redirected to a page with the image, right click and select save image.
  4. RESTRICTIONS: Will not work with videos and albums (single post with more than one image) only the first photo of this post.

How does it work:

This is the simplest way to get a full quality Instagram image, it can be done manually, what this site does is automate this copy and paste process.

The photo URL has a code and username marked with "***" in bold below:***/?hl=pt-br&taken-by-***

What this site does is take this code and paste it in the area also demarcated in the URL below:***/media/?size=l

This new link will take you to the photo in the size it was posted.